Mobile or Internet Based Radios: Latest technology in Car Stereos

Recently more and more car stereos are opting for a touch screen display. The touch screen display is usually enabled with a browser. You can use high speed internet to use services provided by internet radios. You can also download specific apps that provide these services. Once downloaded and subscribed to, these apps can be used in multiple devices capable of possessing internet – place your order here. These radios are not restricted to car or homes;you can also play them on your smartphones. There is no need to have a separate antenna for internet based radios.

Take A Call On Your Car Radio

Technology has improved drastically and today you can do many things with your radio that you never imagined off. Not only can you listen to the local FM stations as you drive down the traffic filled UK roads, but now you can even talk on your phone. Yes you can connect your mobile phone to your car radio with Bluetooth and your calls can be picked up automatically by the radio  and you can start dvd player as well. You can talk hands free as you drive and you can also dial calls and hang up. This ensures road safety for both you and the others on the road. Enjoy your phone conversations even while driving.